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The Advantages of the Turkish Passport Open Investment Opportunities for You

Posted by greaterturkeyofficial on 09/04/2022

The advantages of the Turkish passport are only a point of advantages offered by Turkey. Turkey has a civilized beauty mixed with the fragrance of history and natural beauty, offering tourist attractions that attract and host tourists from different places around the world.

However, Turkey is not just a place for tourism, but also a beacon for foreign students of knowledge, a source of investment opportunities that motivate investors to come to it, and a gateway to the rest of the world for its passport holder, facilitating his movement to absorb opportunities from around the world.

Greater Turkey Company advises investors to get a Turkish passport, as you may find it an effective way to support the success of your investments in different parts of the world, and this is what the article addresses for further clarification of the types of Turkish passport and its advantages for the investor.

1-    Types of Turkish passport

There are different types of Turkish passport, and the difference between them is not only in color, but also in the category that is entitled to obtain it and enjoy its benefits (the holder of Turkish citizenship), and these types are:

A – Red Passport (Turkish passport for the public)

Any Turkish citizen or even the holder of Turkish citizenship has the right to obtain and obtain this passport to take advantage of its benefits, and it is the most easy-to-obtain passport, and the validity of this passport, starting from the date of its issuance, reaches ten years, and it consists of 60 pages.

B – Green passport (passport of government officers)

Those who have attained certain job positions are entitled to obtain this passport, which includes retirees and employees of the Banking Supervision and Regulation Institution, state employees, retired parliamentarians, and ministers who are not in Parliament, in addition to the children and spouses of the aforementioned.

With this passport, you can enter the Schengen countries without a visa.

C- Gray passport (service passport)

This passport is granted to workers in government departments affiliated to Turkey and located abroad, and their children who have not reached the age of 25, in addition to the spouses of these employees, are entitled to obtain it. This passport consists of 28 pages.

D- Black passport (diplomatic passport)

This passport is intended to be obtained by ambassadors, governors, high-ranking representatives of the presidency, mayors, the head of endowments, the general secretary of the President of the Republic, parliamentarians, former ministers, the president of the court, retired parliament speakers, prosecutors, presidents of the republic, army generals, and government ministers.

Therefore, it is also called the passport of politicians, the passport of officers abroad, or the diplomatic passport of the Turkish Republic, and this passport provides its holder with the advantage of severe immunity.

2- Ranking of the Turkish passport in the world

Is the Turkish passport strong?

The Turkish passport is ranked globally according to the passportindex, recognizing the Turkish passport as one of the 50 most powerful passports in the world, ranking 38th.

In order to be more aware of the Turkish passport and its strength, you need to see the facilities that you will get to move from one country to another, which reach the possibility of travel without a visa, and here comes the question: How many countries does the Turkish passport enter without a visa?

3- What countries are you allowed to enter with a Turkish passport?

The advantages of the Turkish passport give you ease of movement between countries that are difficult to enter by others, as you will then find about one hundred and thirty countries with open arms to welcome you without imposing the conditions for obtaining any of the actual visa or the prior electronic visa.

Thus, countries can be divided into:

  • Countries that receive you without a visa, numbering 77, including: Japan, Jordan, Ecuador, Thailand, South Africa, Serbia, Guatemala…
  • The 44 countries that provide you with a visa upon arrival, including: Armenia, Uganda, Kuwait, Taiwan, Sultanate of Oman…
  • Countries that receive you through an electronic travel permit, which exceed 8 countries, including: Mexico, Pakistan, Sri Lanka.
  • Countries you can enter after obtaining a visa: The rest of the countries allow you, when you obtain a Turkish passport, to obtain a visa to enter it. For example, you can use the passport to obtain a Schengen visa, which allows you to enter 26 countries in the Schengen area.

4- How can you develop your investments, taking advantage of the benefits of the Turkish passport?

A – Obtain the Turkish citizenship that supports you inside and outside Turkey

Your investment in Turkey, according to certain controls, gives you the ability to kill two birds with one stone:

The first bird is the profits that you can achieve in return for your investment, while the second bird is your obtaining Turkish citizenship, which supports your presence inside and outside Turkey by giving you the Turkish passport, which gives you its strength on the global level.

One of the most prominent ways to obtain a Turkish passport through investment is real estate investment. In other words, you can obtain a Turkish passport by buying a property, according to certain conditions, which may bring you profits in addition to your acquisition of citizenship and then the Turkish passport.

You can seek help of Greater Turkey Company to benefit from its experience in the field of real estate investment, and to submit applications for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

B – Take advantage of the investment opportunities that exist in the world

Being an investor in Turkey means that you are an investor in an important geographic location on the international map, as Turkey represents a commercial gateway that unites East and West through the land, sea, and air channels it provides, forming a link between the Asian continent and the European continent.

In addition to Turkey’s geographical location, it is working to support its investors through important projects to develop the infrastructure necessary for the success and growth of investments, and to build trade relations and agreements with countries around the world that support the process of exporting Turkish products abroad.

Thus, the advantages of the Turkish passport allow you, as an investor, to benefit from the commercial relations and agreements that Turkey has opened with the countries of the world, which include obtaining travel visas in accordance with what has been agreed upon with other countries regarding visas for investors.

In nutshell, you can consider the Turkish passport as a powerful investment tool at the global level that helps you enjoy options that facilitate your life and take advantage of investment opportunities, and this prompts many to be interested in getting it.

If you want to enter the field of real estate investment in Turkey, obtain Turkish citizenship and then a Turkish passport, Greater Turkey Company will be happy to cooperate with you.

Edited by: Greater Turkey © 

Sources: passportindex, Turkwiki, Turkeytoarab, douknowturkey, zyadda, Turktoday.

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