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Why Do We Advise You to Consider Citizenship by Investment?

Posted by greaterturkeyofficial on 09/04/2022

Citizenship through investment is one of the most prominent doors allowed by some countries, opening new opportunities for foreign investors. In order for you to compare the available options of citizenships in order to choose the most suitable for you, we advise you to compare them with the opportunities they provide and the conditions they require.

1-   Advantages you get from naturalization through investment

Your investment in countries that allow naturalization through investment gives you opportunities to obtain various benefits, some of which support the well-being for you and your family, and others support the achievement of more profits.

A – Enjoy the opportunities arising from the advantages of second citizenship

Many people seek to acquire another nationality of a country other than their original country, with the aim of gaining access to new opportunities for them, as each nationality has its own advantages, and there are different classifications of opportunities that you can reach by obtaining the second nationality, the most prominent of which are:

  • Safety

Many countries have been subjected to civil wars or attacks from an external enemy, which led to the loss of security and the occurrence of waves of displacement to other countries that host them with fewer benefits than the benefits obtained by citizens, and this pushes them to acquire a second citizenship.

However, the smart investor is the one who anticipates events without waiting for the time of need and seeks to obtain a second citizenship that gives him a place where he can live safely in the event of losing safety in his country, instead of waiting until he must flee under travel conditions that he may find difficult or even almost impossible.

  • The future of the family

Many countries grant citizenship by investment, not only to the applicant, but also to his family (wife and children) according to certain conditions, thus supporting the opportunities available to your family in support of their future.

  • Education

The greater your education, the greater your ability to achieve an impact, and one of the forms of investment in education is the investment to obtain a second citizenship, which connects you to better education opportunities with fees like the fees of the citizens of the country instead of the fees required from the foreigner.

  • Health

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s why investing in a second citizenship gives you access to advanced health services that you and your family may need at a cost that you can afford can be a good business.

B – Enjoy the investment opportunities resulting from the advantages of second citizenship

Naturalization by investment gives you benefits that you can take advantage of globally; As it allows you to obtain a passport, the more powerful it becomes, the easier it is to move through it between different countries of the world and take advantage of the investment opportunities it offers.

And it increases with the diversification of passports you own, whose importance increases with the increase in the phenomenon of international isolation and the emergence of political and economic blocs between countries – ease of movement between countries around the world and access to various investment opportunities.

On the other hand, obtaining citizenship gives you advantages that enable you to work according to the provisions applicable to citizens instead of foreigners, and benefit from the development of infrastructure, facilities and support provided by the government to its investors.

2- The difference between countries in the advantages of naturalization through investment

There are large differences in the advantages of naturalization through investment between different countries, and therefore it is important to be careful to choose the appropriate country to request citizenship from, and this requires you to know the advantages offered by different citizenships to compare them.

Here we will talk about the differences for some countries, namely: Greece, Malta, and finally Turkey.

A – Greece

Greece does not grant you citizenship by investment directly, as your investment in real estate is worth at least 250 thousand euros, not to mention what you pay of taxes and fees, which make the investment amount exceed 300 thousand euros, then you will be eligible for a renewable residence visa if you still have your real estate investment.

Your real estate investment grants you a residence visa for five years, and you can take a residence visa for you and your family (your children who are not over 21 years old and your wife).

B – Malta

Naturalization by investing in Malta requires a large amount of money, besides the time you need to reside before applying for citizenship; you need to donate €10,000 to one of the organizations or associations registered and relevant for this purpose, and if you want to prove that you have resided in Malta for more than 36 months, you need to pay in addition to the above at least €600,000 to the National Development Fund.

However, if you are willing to pay more so that the length of stay required is less, you can pay the National Development Fund at least 750,000 euros so that the residence required to be proven is 12 months, and if you want to include your family members in the residence application, you pay 50 thousand euros for each one of them.

The requirements for obtaining Maltese citizenship are not limited to the amounts mentioned but should invest for a period of five years in a lease contract of at least 16 thousand euros annually or invest by purchasing at least 700 thousand euros in residential real estate.

Hence, despite the high passport requirements, you become a European citizen and have the possibility to enter 198 countries without the need for a travel visa.

C- Turkey

Real estate investment to obtain Turkish citizenship is attractive to investors, as it can be considered one of the least expensive citizenships compared to other countries; It requires no more investment than buying a property worth $400,000 plus fees.

Among its additional advantages that may motivate you to take advantage of it, is that it only takes between three and six months after you submit the application, and without the need to reside in Turkey.

And when you obtain Turkish citizenship, you will be able to be distinguished by the Turkish passport, which allows you to travel to 125 countries without asking you for a visa, and if you request, you can obtain it upon your arrival.

There are also expectations for the Turkish passport to have a more prosperous future because of Turkey’s insistence on continuing negotiations so that its citizens would have a visa that would allow them to access Europe freely.

You can benefit from the experience of the Greater Turkey Company by obtaining its advice and assistance in choosing a real estate investment that is compatible with the conditions of the Turkish citizenship application, and its services in following up the citizenship application for you and your family.

Edited by:  Greater Turkey©

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